During school term time our halls are busy welcoming many different groups, some which have a direct connection to the Church and others which are community based.

All our youth work and organisations (Sunday School, Girls’ Brigade, Boys' Brigade and Holiday Club) are shared with Calder United Free Church. This innovative way of working and sharing means we are best placed to nurture the young people of our community through the witness of Christian Friendship.

planting.jpgThe Sunday School welcomes all school aged children for age appropriate activities. Week by week the children explore the Bible, learn more about our Christian faith, take part in quizzes, sing songs, plant bulbs, share fun and laughter and sometimes tears. The older group (P7 – S4) is currently working through some of the more difficult books of the Bible and sometimes visit other places of worship. For example, the group recently visited a Synagogue.

The A.B.C.s began in Calder United Free Church and is open to all young people in the village. The group meets every other Sunday evening from 7.30 - 9 pm in Calder United Free Church. A.B.C.s tend to study subjects that of concern to the members and these will be based around the Bible. Occasionally they invite representatives from other groups, such as Scripture Union, to lead a meeting. A.B.C.s have also been exploring worship in other churches and visited St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral and St Georges Tron Church, both in Glasgow. This was a great opportunity to worship together and an excuse to go for hot chocolate afterwards.

A.B.C.s are very fond of having Faith Suppers as this give us a chance to meet informally and have an evening of prayer.

The A.B.C.s are keen to take part in worship and have organised the Watchnight Service in Calder Church for several years now as well as Mission Sunday in February. Mission Sunday not only gives us the chance to organise and lead worship but to fund raise. After the service we provide lunch for the congregation. Mission Sunday is held in both Calder United Free Church and in the Parish Church. A total of £400 was raised for Mary’s Meals. It is important to offer our services to raise money for those less fortunate than ourselves. A.B.C.s also organise and lead a praise service to launch the start of Christian Aid week in May and have tea afterwards.

A.B.C.s try to visit Iona every other year as this gives the group a great opportunity for fellowship outwith their usual “comfort zone”.

girlsbrigade.gifThe Girls’ Brigade invites girls to be part of something big. Girls in P1 – 3 can join the Explorers who have fun learning about Jesus and His love for us through a variety of activities.

Juniors are for girls in Primaries 4 – 7. Juniors are busy people, meeting every week to chat; laugh; see their friends they gain confidence, new skills, learn self control and respect for themselves and others.

Girls attending Secondary School are invited to become Brigaders. As Brigaders there is so much to do and so many opportunities open to you. Brigaders are involved setting topics that are relevant to young adults which can can extend their current interests and have the opportunity to be introduced to new ideas. Brigaders can also take on the opportunities and challenges of Leadership Training, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Queen’s Award and experience all they have to offer.

The Boys’ Brigade is the oldest uniformed youth organisation in the world, celebrating its founding in Glasgow in 1883. The stated object of the Boys’ Brigade is “The advancement of Christ’s kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.”

Boys in P1 - P3 are invited to join the Anchor Boys, where our experienced officers introduce them to the ethos of the BB. The boys work and play in groups called Clans and evenings are spent playing team games, singing and learning more about the BB and Jesus.

The Junior Section is for boys in P4 to 6. In the Junior Section boys begin badge work, become involved in battalion competitions as well as learning more about the main aims of the BB. Junior Section boys love the team games and marching.

Boys in P7 and in Secondary School are invited to join the Company Section. Like their younger brothers they continue to learn more about the life of Jesus and the Christian faith. The boys become more involved in Battalion activities and enjoy outings (eg ten pin bowling). Gymnastics and tumbling offer the boys some serious physical challenges.

The following is a summary of activities based in Lochwinnoch Parish Church.

Sunday 11.00am Morning Worship
  11.45am Sunday School jointly with Calder UF church leaving from 11am service
Tuesday 6.00pm The Boys’ Brigade Anchor Boys
  7.00pm The Boys’ Brigade Junior Section
  7.45pm The Boys’ Brigade Company Section
Wednesday 6.00 - 7.00pm The Girls’ Brigade Explorers (P1 - P3)
  6.45 - 8.00pm The Girls’ Brigade Juniors (P4 - P7)
  8.00 - 9.15pm The Girls’ Brigade Seniors Brigadiers (S1 - S6)
Thursday 8.00pm Bible Study during Advent and Lent (other times may also be possible)
  7.30pm Kirk Session/Congregational Board (2nd Thursday in the month)
Friday 1.00 - 2.00pm Soul Space: an hour of quiet meditation - no music, no spoken word

All the above takes place in the Church Halls

We have several joint services with Calder United Free Church including a Walk of Witness at 7pm on New Year’s Eve; a Youth Parade, to celebrate our Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade; the Sunday School Prize Giving in June; Remembrance Sunday Parade and the Sunday School Nativity Service (the Sunday before Christmas).

An end of term service for Lochwinnoch Primary School pupils is also held in either Calder United Free Church or Lochwinnoch Parish Church, alternately.

Our Roman Catholic friends also join the two local Presbyterian congregations for the week of Prayer for Christian Unity service, the Christian Aid service, a Christmas Carol service and a Hogmanay Walk of Witness.

In addition, Christ the King, Howwood and Our Lady of Fatima, Lochwinnoch celebrate Mass in the Parish Church twice monthly at 9.30 am. 

Over and above these special events we hold such events as a Daffodil Teas, Concerts, sponsored walks and a Christmas Fayre.

Other users of our premises include the Lochwinnoch Choral Society (junior, intermediate and senior choirs), Lochwinnoch Historical Society and the Community Council. By arrangement, Birthday parties can be held in our halls too. 

Other users of our premises include the Lochwinnoch Choral Society (junior, intermediate and senior choirs), Lochwinnoch Historical Society and the Community Council. By arrangement, Birthday parties can be held in our halls too.

The Church is blessed with extensive grounds so parking is never a problem. Some of the ground to the rear of the Church is now cultivated by local volunteers and serves as a Community Garden. Anyone wishing to help with the garden is welcome to drop in anytime the gates are open, which is on most dry days and some wet ones too.