A wedding is such an important day in your life together. It marks your deepening commitment to one another and your desire to live together in Christian marriage. Those of us who are already married know that marriage brings us great joy and deep love. We also know we need God’s help to keep our marriages strong.

If you live in Lochwinnoch, or have a connection with our Church, please contact the Interim Moderator for more details.

Weddings can be conducted on any day of the week. It is worth booking well in advance with our Interim Moderator.

Weddings need to be given much thought and we will seek to guide you through the legal, practical and worship aspects of the day. As a marriage has legal standing you will need to make separate contact with the Registrar’s Office to obtain a Marriage Schedule.

Christian marriage seeks to affirm the worth of you as individuals and as a couple. Words of love and commitment will fill the service. We hope our services are joyous occasions. We are more than happy to help you plan your own personalised service, perhaps by including friends and musicians.